I was recently alarmed by our Security Testing team Appknox that some Sensitive Information was being saved into SQLite3 Database of my iOS application which is unencrypted and such information in such databases may lead to leakage of data. When I read the report in detail I was shocked to see that my access_token was exposed and was lying in one of the tables.

This was very weird as I was not using any Database by myself, therefore the doubt went straight to third parties that I was using in my application. But NO LUCK, none of the third parties…

Uploading multimedia from external sources to your mobile application always sounds cool. Dropbox is one of the famous cloud drives used by millions of users. In this blog, I will show a quick demo of how you can integrate the Dropbox SDK in your iPhone application.

🏎 Lets Begin

Unlike Google Drive Integration, Dropbox Integration is quite simple. First, you will need to register your app at the Dropbox. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Dropbox Developer > App Console > Create App
  2. Choose an API (Dropbox API) > Choose the type of access you need
  3. Set the name of the application >…

Nowadays, the use of multimedia apps is very common. Customers ask for features where users may upload multimedia from their Google Drive
Well, here is a quick demo of how you can make the customer happy by providing these fascinating features in your application. I will demonstrate a sample project, you can proceed and create your own project.


Unfortunately, Google does not provide any appropriate SDK to fetch multimedia from the user’s Google Drive. However, it provides GoogleSignIn SDK and some APIs to fetch drive files in GoogleAPIClientForREST/Drive SDK. We can build UI in our application to show multimedia fetched…

Clicked by me at Apple Developer Meetup Bangalore, India😛

Code Snippets are a very useful feature in our IDE i.e XCode. We can't imagine our life without autocomplete and suggestions.

Imagine working without code suggestions. Difficult huh?

IDEs have made our life simple for developing and XCode even make it simpler for providing us to make our own Custom Code Snippets. Sounds Cool, right? So let's get started !!

By default, Xcode provides several snippets, which can be accessed through the button adjacent to editor and navigator, or though the shortcut Cmd+ Shift+ L

So to add Custom Code Snippet follow these steps:

Step 1: Write code that needs…

Hello Guys! Nowadays we developers are too busy developing and copying things from Stackoverflow that we tend to forget one of the most important things in our application.

Yepp that’s right, you guessed it. SECURITY it is.

Why? 🤔

God knows, we use a lot of third parties tools like Crashlytics, Segment, Intercom, etc, etc that use Private Keys to identify your application and we normally put these strings in our code completely naked!

Not just Keys we also expose the strings of API endpoint and other important information with should not be exposed. But this is the problem. How do we…

Kunal Gupta

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